Affiliate associations

sss.pngThe Society of Sports Therapists

The Society of Sports Therapists was established in 1990 to address the growing demands from sport and leisure on everyone involved in the management and care of injured participants. The Society’s Founder Members sought to create a membership organisation that would standardise and monitor the provision and availability of support services. Equally with the rise in the number of incidents requiring immediate "lifesaving" first aid techniques, the Society also aimed to ensure that adequate, effective and appropriate training courses were provided and monitored.


The LCSP Register of Remedial Masseurs and Manipulative Therapists is a company limited by guarantee that took over the existing organisation London and Counties Society of Physiologists with effect from 1st January 2002. Only the constitution and title of the organisation has in effect changed – the membership, aims, objects, etc. are unchanged.


The Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists Trading as the National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists is a "Not for Profit" Professional Association (NAMMT) founded by Mr. Eddie Caldwell, former principle of the Northern Institute of Massage and other professional Massage and Manipulative Therapists to represent the interests of professional therapists.



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